Central Office (Telco) Phone Line Simulators

Welcome to Digital Products Company. Please note that our telephone line simulator products have been discontinued and are no longer available for sale. Existing product users are invited to click the links shown below for online support to their telco simulator.

Telephone line simulators act like a typical Telephone Company (Telco) Central Office. They are often the simplest method for demonstrating and testing nearly any type of phone device. Telephones, fax machines, voice mail systems, modems, video conference units, and other analog/POTS based phone devices will recognize our simulators as real phone lines. Ours sound so authentic that they have been used as theatrical sound props. Simply put, phoneline simulators are ideal for trade shows, sales floors, production lines, or your shop's work bench.

Please use the links shown below to download product information and instruction manuals.

Instruction Manuals Instruction Manuals
Download product instruction manuals.
Ring-It! 2-Line Simulator Ring-It! Two-Line Telco Simulator
Low cost telco simulator for personal and professional use.
Caller-ID, E-911 training mode, and External Audio Jacks.
Discontinued: No longer available.
LineMan 2-Line Simulator LineMan Two-Line Telco Simulator
Entry level price, professional features. Introductory pricing.
E-911 training mode, and Audio Output Jack.
Discontinued: No longer available.
Party-Line Six Extension Simulator Party-Line Six-Extension Telephone Line Simulator
Popular features at an affordable price.
Six extensions, Distinctive Ringing, and Caller-ID.
Discontinued: No longer available.

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