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Telco simulator instruction manuals are found here. Please note some products have undergone several revisions and the features will vary. In order to choose the correct manual you will need to observe your model's serial number. If necessary, the firmware revision number (see label inside the unit) can be used to help ID your revision.

NOTE: Click the links below that corresponds to the manuals that you require.

LineMan 2-Line Simulator

LineMan V1 Series
Serial Numbers A1000001 and higher, Firmware V1.x

Ring-It! 2-Line Simulator

Ring-It! V1 Series
Serial Numbers 9610001 thru 9811089, Firmware V1.x

Ring-It! V3 Series
Serial Numbers E9811091 thru G2199999, Firmware V3.x

Ring-It! Pro V5 Series (current version)
Serial Numbers H2200001 and higher, Firmware 5.x

Party-Line Six Extension Simulator

Party-Line V1 Series
Serial Numbers 9600001 thru 9708069, Firmware 1.x

Party-Line V2 Series
Serial Numbers 9708071 thru 9812181,
D9812182 thru F2305999, Firmware 2.x

Party-Line Pro V5 Series (current version)
Serial Numbers G2505000 and higher, Firmware 5.x

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